Creandus Films rueda The Wine of Summer


Creandus Films ha visto como su esfuerzo y su talento empiezan a dar sus frutos rodando The Wine of Summer. La película está dirigida por María Matteoli y cuenta con un reparto excelente: Elsa Pataky, Sonia Braga, Ethan Peck, Najwa Nimri, Bob Wells o Kelsey Chow entre otros. The Wine of Summer es una historia ambientada en un verano radiante en España, donde la vida de 5 personajes se entrelazará, siempre con el telón de fondo del mundo del vino.

La película ha sido rodada entre Estados Unidos y España, concretamente en California, Barcelona y Sitges, en unos escenarios con una riqueza visual y artística incomparables. Creandus Films ha participado en el rodaje aportando su capacidad profesional, logística y el equipo técnico necesario para llevar a cabo este gran proyecto con éxito.

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Creandus with "Roman Ramos"


Creandus Aragon GP runs the World Motorcycling with the pilot Roman Ramos.

Creandus fully involved in the motor world, not in this race was less of Aragon and was once more beside Roman Ramos in the GP circuit of Alcaniz. Roman Ramos made ​​his debut as a guest rider in the MotoGP World Championship in the category of Moto2.

Creandus throughout the previous race, the race and after this, was beside the pilot, there was a great atmosphere among all the sponsors and will not be the last time we are in a GP MotoGP. This time two people already enjoying life is like a Grand Prix from the box, thanks to the invitations Creandus raffle among followers.

Looking at the next event where motorcycle Creandus is present, we will draw some VIP tickets to be living in boxes and even from within this whole show, but tickets will be exclusively for our supporters facebook and twitter.

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Launching "Creandus Films s.l."


Born ´Creandus S.L. Films´ a producer with many goals, but above all offer a fun and enjoyable audiovisual entertainment worldwide.

We want to tread the red carpet and our possibilities are broad and our capabilities are very high.

We have joined six audiovisual professionals with extensive experience and curriculum. Now we intend to combine our capabilities to do something big and fulfill our dream and share it with anyone surprised that we follow and believe in us. Our ideas and our film projects are ambitious, realistic and innovative.
We just want to enter with great force in this world as competitive to leave you speechless for a while ... Just got it!

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